Unable to Click in Avada Theme Fusion Builder?

# „I’ve just updated my wp to 4.1 and installed avada theme. Im not able to use my mouse to click in the fusion builder, but am able to use my keyboard, eg using tab and typing. Can anyone help me to resolve this problem? I have no problem using my mouse in my other wp site.“ – „I just fixed it on a site. Here’s the answer from the theme-fusion.com support forum: Change the value of the line 1126 in file: wp-content/plugins/fusion-core/admin/page-builder/assets/css/application.css from: z-index: 1001 !important; to: z-index: 999 !important;“ – „The fix above did not solve the problem.“ – „Solution is to upgrade to Avada there version 3.71 or later – see Themefusion support.“

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