How to Quickly Overcome Facebook Ad’s 20 Percent Text Rule

I will confess, Facebook’s 20% text limit in images was driving me crazy.   I said some not-so-nice things about this rule!  I’m a Facebook Marketer, so trying to create a Facebook Ad that pertains to Facebook without using the word Facebook, or Facebook image representations, and keeping text to less than 20% is CHALLENGING! I was pumped when Facebook announced the larger image sizes for link page posts in September….4x on mobile and 8x on desktop!  Sweet!  They also announced changes to their Ad image and Sponsored Stories images sizes (full guide here on Facebook, or access it here from our server if needed) to bring images sizes into a more cohesive order.  That was great. But…..I’ve had dozens of Facebook Ads rejected.   Sometimes those ads would start, get some reach, then get squashed by Facebook as unapproved.  Generally, it was always too much text!   I’ve got the email memorized… So then I started using their tool noted in the link above, “You may upload your ad image to see why it is considered 20% text….”.   What I found was that their grids were not flexible! See how the words, “eBook Guide To” in the title line below has Facebook’s grid line running horizontally through it? The “B” and “k” of “eBook”, and every letter of “GUIDE TO” have the line running through it. Yep, they were dinging me as shown in image below. “Guide” for instance was being noted as in row 1 column 2 and row 2 column 2. Any grid with text equals 100% of that box as having text in it!  Yes, so a slight overlap into a grid, means the whole box was included.  Go ahead, test your image here: Facebook’s Ad Tool to Test Text in Images: So, if I move my text slightly to fit within grids and not overlap grids where not absolutely necessary, BINGO!  I meet the criteria and stay within 20%! See below. So, I modified my images, loaded up to Facebook to test, then repeated. Loaded, repeated.  Loaded repeated…. trial and error until I got the text laid out to fit within grid boxes so that I was within the 20%.  This was painfully slow! I need to be efficient!!! …..So I created my own PhotoShop Templates with the Grids! Then I thought, “Well, others might need these as well!”  So I packaged them! All you need to do is download this Zip file and the top layer in each is the grid.  Simply add your design layers below the grid layer, then turn the grid layer on and you immediately know if your image meets the 20% text guidelines, or if you need to move your text a bit so that it doesn’t get dinged by overlapping! OPTION #2 – If you don’t want to download and have this layer in your images, you can also setup a 20% Grid in PhotoShop and turn it on or off.  Here’s how: Go to Edit > Preferences > Grids, […]

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