Fullscreen-Problem bei Bildhintergründen auf dem iPhone (Safari Mobile)

Kurzer Dialog zwischen mir und dem Entwickler des „Delight“-Wordpress-Themes:

Q: I would appreciate help on the following issue though: I have an iPhone problem with longer articles: in case I have to scroll down a page on an iPhone (mobile Safari) the background image does not rescale full screen. The image instead first scrolls up (though fixed) and then comes jumping down but not doing a resize which thus leaves a blank space at the bottom of the page (showing the general site backgound as specified in the Delight admin panel). Thanks for your ideas!

A: As far as I know there’s no way to have a fixed wide bg on the iPhone because the iPhone calculated as page the address bar too. So the empty space you see at the bottom is the same of the address bar. I’m trying to fix this problem since a couple of weeks, but I’m not sure there’s a solution. iOS5 (available in fall) should fix the problem of the position fixed, but in the meanwhile I will keep on work.